Remember, we are all born from stars. Pinkstars shine bright. Pinkstars will be bright. Shine your light for all of us. 3rd star in the night. SHINE ON* Jaelle is a hip pop singer with a love for music and the color pink. She has created PINKSTAR PLANET, which is the foundation for her philosophy and brand, to SHINE SPARKLE GLOW CREATE AND THRIVE. Jaelle envisions her Pinkstars to embody these 5 points and to realize that music can be a magical force in their lives, giving them hope that a better world does exist with the brightness of the Pinkstar Planet leading their way. She is working on a new EP, with fresh summertime songs, written by Jaelle, recorded with Ross Lara, whose mentor is Grammy winning engineer Phil Tan. Jaelle wants to take over the music world with her Pinkstars SHINING ON*

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