Something about Jaelle

Jaelle entered the world in the town of Westlake Village, just north of Los Angeles. Jaelle attended a small elementary school in one
of the most picturesque settings anywhere, and enjoyed playing on the beaches of Malibu and Zuma and taking dance lessons at Bobbies Dance and Westlake Ballet Studio. Her first on-stage performance when she was 3 years old was that of a Dancing Duck!

Jaelle and her sister and best friend Amie, spent their days creating shows and musicals to perform for their friends and family. She just loved being on stage, and she seemed at such an early age to create a bit of magic when you watched her. When Jaelle was 7, she got serious about having a career in show business. She attended an open call for the remake of “The Little Rascals,” produced by Steven Spielberg and Penelope Spheeris. She got the role of ‘a baby ballerina,’ and danced to her heart’s content! She immediately went on to perform in the Joffrey Nutracker at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion as a “Pierrot doll.” This led to a full scholarship in the summer program at the San Francisico Ballet School. Upon spending a summer in New York, and watching her sister train with the New York City Ballet, Jaelle realized she wanted to do more than dance. She started performing in talent shows, singing, this time… and realized there was something special in the way her peers reacted to her singing. Her friends were always asking her to sing for them at school, from Celine Dion’s “My Heart Will Go On” to Whitney Houston’s “I Will Always Love You.”

When she moved to Orange County at the age of fourteen, Jaelle found an outlet in musical theatre and performed with local theatre companies. She began working with music producers in Los Angeles, and completed two demos of cover songs from her favorite artists. Jaelle then started writing her own songs, and just recently completed a CD of original songs that she wrote and executive produced, Dancing in the Sky, available on ITunes.

Jaelle met the renowned producer, Sammy Jay, from the UK, and they recorded the song
L-A-D-Y, a fun pop song reminiscent of the sounds of the early 2000’s. Jaelle worked in NY with the producer Ric Rude, of “Cater 2 U” fame, Destiny’s Child, and the song La La-With Me was created. In December Jaelle wrote, recorded and executive produced two new songs, So Simple and Walk Away, available on ITunes. Jaelle is currently working with Ross Lara, the producer of the E Channel promo theme song for the shows Ice Loves CoCo and Khloe and Lamar.

Jaelle is a hip pop singer with a love for music and the color pink that reaches far out into the multiverse. Jaelle has created PINKSTAR PLANET, which is the foundation for her philosophy and brand. Pinkstar has five main points on the star- SHINE SPARKLE GLOW CREATE AND THRIVE. Jaelle envisions her Pinkstars to have these forces with them so that they may go on and do great things.” For music is my heart, and I listen with all my heart and soul for all that is invisible to the ear to ‘see’ the music, for I believe it is only then that the music will never be blind. After all, Pinkstars are the music, and my music is for all the eyes and ears of Pinkstars everywhere. To SHINE, SPARKLE, GLOW, CREATE AND THRIVE is what happens when we work from that inner light out–and when you shine, the world will glow in one, boundless reflection. Like a diamond planet, made from a seed of carbon and inspiration, *sparkle happens*. I want my Pinkstars to know how great the multiverse of music and creativity can become with just a little starpower, determination, and inner strength–and with those tools at their fingertips, the world is their symphony.

Jaelle’s goal is to bring more music into the world emanating from the Pinkstar Planet. Her dream is to help children and young adults realize that music can be a magical force in their lives and give them hope that a better world does exist with the brightness of the Pinkstar Planet leading their way.

In the furthest and nearest galaxies of all that is good, there lies a place, the pinkest place ever seen, where pinkstars reign and ensure that their light is ether strewn throughout the universe and resides in all of us.
Pinkstar Planet, a starship that reflects all that is good in the world
Pinkstars shine from the heavens to that celestial place within us, making sure the multiverse is safe.
In the light of day when Pinkstars come together as constellations of stars, in the bright of night, always shining for what is right.
Remember we are all born from stars.

Pinkstars shine bright
Pinkstars will be bright
Shine your light for all of us
The 3rd star in the night

*Jaelle was featured as’s POTD-pick of the day-and had over 20,000 downloads of her song Ride wit Me that day (usual for an unsigned artist is 5-6000)
*Over 107,000 fans have Ride wit Me ringing on their phones
*325,000 downloads in the past few months from Dancing in the Sky
*Shares a BD with Mariah and Fergie
*Writes and executive produces all of her songs
*USC Grad-Communication 2010

She sends her love to all her Pinkstars out there!