Pinkstars are stars in their own rite, stellar examples of what it means to truly shine from the multiverse out-always embodying the five pillars of pinkstardom-to shine, sparkle, glow, create and thrive-with every last bit of ether strewn glitterdust left in their wake, changing the world for the pinker as they Step forward forpinkstarkind.**Shine ON*!  pinkstarkind.**Shine ON*

Being a pinkstar does not necessarily mean to transform every darkness to light, but it is about seeing and being the light within the dark, making that space brighter by and for you..thus creating the lightness..wherever you may be..which has the power to change the world.

The Pinkstar Planet

In the furthest and nearest galaxies of all that is good, there lies a place, the pinkest place ever seen, where pinkstars reign and ensure that their light is ether strewn throughout the universe and resides in all of us.
Pinkstar Planet, a starship that reflects all that is good in the world
Pinkstars shine from the heavens to that celestial place within us, making sure the multiverse is safe.
In the light of day when Pinkstars come together as constellations of stars, in the bright of night, always shining for what is right.
Remember we are all born from stars.

Pinkstars shine bright
Pinkstars will be bright
Shine your light for all of us
The 3rd star in the night